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First and foremost, THANK YOU for following our Instagram and Facebook and supporting the brand!!! Much appreciated from the body beyond FAM.

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty; Hydration.

In order to get hydrated water, you require lots of minerals (95) and electrolytes mainly potassium magnesium sodium (that do over 200+ jobs in our bodies). While consuming water through the day is vital, we NEED to deliver that water into the cell. Water is essential for every person to assist in optimizing health, it contributes to Body Re composition, mental focus, sleep and recovery. Water is one of the key elements in eating and is a major part of us, the human brain is 95% water, lungs are 90%, blood is 83%, muscles 76% and bones are 22% water.

Here are some symptoms of being dehydrated: MILK cravings!!!! Milk is packed with potassium (the king of hydration) the reason your reaching for that ice cream or milkshake yogurt etc is to get hydrated asap, yes you left it to late…. Now you must pay for it with all the estrogen toxins, preservatives in the milk not to mention the lactose that will make you look pregnant LOL. So, let’s get you away from this pro lactating obese cows boobies and onto the good stuff.

Other symptoms can be issues with muscle spasms, if your twitching flick kicking etc those muscles are letting loose as they are dehydrated, this can stem to the heart a MAJOR muscle and make it beat MUCH harder and faster to a point where you hear the beat in your own ear, or possibly a ringing noise (tinnitus)

The GUTS! Yes, those organs are also muscles that require heaps of reps and sets. Motility of the stomach allows food to pass through, could you imagine how gross and stinky the food would get if it was bogged up… well we’re sure you could and or have experienced some of the smells coming from protein junkies, or should we call them dehydrated junkies LOL.

Tired, lastly if your energy is non-existent its most likely you're dehydrated. We all run on electricity and electrolytes (hence the name) conduct ELECTRIC conductivity! Electro tastic, they also carry some 60% of nutrients through the body! Pretty bloody important, pushing through muscle chambers with potassium pumps at each doorway, so to speak. Also our exposure to electric magnetic frequencies can throw off the body’s ability to be hydrated, you can correct this by minimizing the amount of electrical devices in your surroundings during sleep.


If you have or have had any of these issues we suggest the following FREE tips and well-priced awesome serviced supplement advice from the team that takes you BEYOND.


Step 1: Sea salt or Himalayan rock salt these contain some 85minerals for aiding in H20 getting into the cell. Get ready for way more energy, better pumps in the gym, and less water retention on that lower back and sides, triceps etc.


Step 2: Hydrated with quality water: san palegreno water/ figi water/ blue mountains water: these contain heaps of minerals, like mentioned in the video on Instagram: bodybeyond or facebook our tap water is filtered of a lot of these trace minerals along with being recycled YUK dunny water. Get on the good stuff and get ready for results


Step 3: Vitawerx Nopal Greens, this is the best of the greens supplements with 91 fruit and veggies in the mix. You require at least 3000mg potassium a day and even more so in our hot climate or if you’re going to the gym a lot more, that is heaps of veggies some 6-10 cups id even stretch that to a higher amount due to the poor value of our veggies these days, or even suggest purchasing snap frozen veggies as they contain more nutrients. If your budgeting please also check BSC GREENS only $29.00 a tub

Find this product on our website (Search NOPAL GREENS).

Step 4: Less stimulants, make that Pre-workout GRIND or BRING THE PUMP by chaos or even better PROTOTYPE 8 cream ATP science. These awesome Pre- workouts will dilate your arteries allowing for greater blood flow which creates more muscle and burns more fat. The stimulant Pre-workouts will do the opposite and constrict the arteries creating less blood flow whilst also acting as a diuretic and flushing out our hydrating electrolytes! Make the switch for the next 4 weeks and see how much better you truly feel, along with great results in the gym. (heads up  the 1st week will suck, aka caffeine withdrawals rehab)


Step 5: Avoid highly insulinogenic FOOD. i.e MSG and other glutamates in restaurant food and packaged food will use up heaps of potassium in the insulinogenic process creating severe dehydration. We have all experienced that sugar and hydration drop after a restaurant meal while reaching for gallons of usually tap water (filtered and recycled remember). Avoid these additives and watch the headaches relief and results continue.


Please advise no content on this site, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician. Please check with a medical professional before making any diet or fluid intake changes.



The opinions of Stan Turek. Mr Aus 2017, Director BODY BEYOND.




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